Learn how to Read and Type in Chinese

Read and Type Chinese Online

Learn how to read and type in Chinese

Online Chinese reading course for beginners

Learn by Doing

We teach you new characters. You verify you understand them by typing them below.

Try it now! Type "ni hao" in the text box below. Select 你好 or press 1 then click on Check.

That's how you say "hello". Want to learn more? Sign up for a free account to get started.

Learn the most common characters first

While there are 1000s of characters in the Chinese language, some are used a LOT more than others. The first 1000 characters are used in 90% of texts. The first 2500 characters are used in 98% of texts. We teach you the characters in the order that makes sense to get you up to speed - fast!

Characters are reused in context, for constant review

As you learn a character, we then start to teach you words that utilize that character. As you learn new words, we teach you sentences that use those words. This way your Chinese reading ability is constantly improving from characters to words to sentences!

Learn the Meaning behind Each Character

The Chinese language has a rich history of 5000 years. Why does each character look the way it does? What components are used to create it? Learning this history not only gives you further insight into Chinese culture, it also provides useful mnemonics to help you remember them.

Confirm your Understanding

Our course is interactive. We ask you to reproduce (type out) characters as we teach them. You are asked to recall characters that were taught in earlier lessons. At the end of each lesson, multiple activities test your recall and understanding of all the characters and words taught in that lesson. This way you can constantly gauge your progress.

Built in Input Method Editor (IME)

No need to install any software. All the tools you need to type Chinese are already built in to the site. Are you ready to get started?

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